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Why Binford Mortgage?

  1. An industry veteran and awarded top 1% purchase lender in the U.S. This level of expertise allows a higher level of trust knowing that we just get it done. 

  2. Average time from submission to Clear to Close is currently 13 days. 

  3. Available 7 Days. Need a pre-approval on a Saturday night? We have you covered. 

  4. We work for you, not the bank. Since we work in the wholesale market, we get better rates for your clients so they don't have to shop around. 

  5. 1500 mortgage options. If we can't do it, it probably can't be done. 

Family Video Call

A Better Mortgage Partner

Real Estate Agent

A very professional Loan Officer and individual. Works hard for clients and will bend over backwards to deliver top-notch service. And will bust his butt to fix errors if/when they arise. S.L.

Real Estate Agent

Honestly, going from other lenders we've worked with to working with you, such a huge difference.   All of deals will be through you from now on. In fact, when I come across a different lender assigned and they haven't done any work on the file I assign them to you. Thanks for your support Myles, it's honestly made a huge difference. T.M.


A great lender who has an awesome team behind him! Would highly recommend to any buyer you have! B.S.

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